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The Investing with Purpose Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast available across 10 podcast listening platforms and apps. Every week you’ll hear advice and stories from Kyle Jones, a real life income investor. Kyle guides his guests through the world of alternative investments so they can achieve financial freedom through purposeful investments.


Kyle Jones is a co-founder and Key Principal of TruePoint Capital, LLC. Kyle is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, investment decisions, asset management, and overseeing all aspects of the company’s financial activities, operations, and investor relations. In addition to TruePoint Capital, LLC, Kyle is the founder of Amergrid, a real estate appraisal company. Kyle obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas State University – San Marcos, where he also played Division 1 Baseball.


Listeners of The Investing with Purpose Podcast are typically affluent investors looking for alternative investments to diversify their portfolios.


Guest Interviews are 30-60 minutes for each one, and are recorded on a Zoom meeting. Kyle has all rights for the use of the interview, including not airing the interview at all should he feel it’s not a good fit after all. 

Requirements To Be A Guest:

  • A podcaster, investor, syndicator, or someone who thinks they’d make a great guest on the Investing with Purpose podcast.
  • Listened to at least 1-3 of Kyles previous interviews, and you feel like you and Kyle could have an awesome chat!
  • Have a website to link to showing your expertise. 
  • Social media presence (the number of followers is not a decision making factor)

Benefits of being a podcast guest:

  • Links to your website and social media.
  • Calls to action to your product or services. 
  • The ability to reach your target market.
  • Social media sharing from Kyle.

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Still Want to be a Guest on the Investing with Purpose Podcast?


Still Want to be a Guest on the
Investing with Purpose Podcast?